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250’000 hectares of Amazonian forest in grave danger

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We are suffering a massive invasion of illegal deforesters and miners of diamond and gold on our indigenous land.

We urge the Brazilian government to stop this deforestation and illegal diamond and gold mining.

What’s more, these invaders are armed and threaten directly the lives of our families.

This Petition will be sent to:
  1. Michel Temer,
    President of the Republic of Brasil
  2. Alexandre de Moraes,
    Minister of Justice, Brasil
  3. Sarney Filho,
    Ministrer of Environnement, Brasil
  4. Fernando Coelho Filho,
    Ministof of Mines and Energy, Brasil
  5. Agostinho Do Nascimento Netto,
    President of FUNAI, Brasil
  6. Janice Queiroz De Oliveira,
    Director of FUNAI, Brasil

Cacoal, RO, Brasil, October 13, 2016

“I am Almir Narayamoga Surui, Chief of the Paiter Surui indigenous people. Our population lives on the “Sete de Setembro Indigenous Territory” in the state of Rondônia, Brazil.
This is my cry of alarm, please listen to me!”

surui-paleoq004sSince the beginning of this year 2016, we are suffering a total invasion of illegal loggers and miners of diamonds and gold. Every day, over 300 trucks leave our territory filled with wood, which represents 600 hectares of deforested forests. And it continues to increase, whilst according to the Constitution of Brazil, it is illegal to deforest an indigenous reservation. On the ground, the illegal loggers have heavy means, with Caterpillar machines. We have found mercury and cyanide in 3 rivers of Surui territory because of the miners!

The implications are desastrous. In addition to environmental damage and the challenge to our way of life, this invasion directly endangers our families and our children. Indeed, we are under the threat of weapons of loggers and miners! Either one collaborates, or they put a gun to our heads! In addition, they try to bribe some of my people with money. For fear and lack of alternatives, some of my people accept , against their first resolve to protect the forest. The situation is terrible!

We, the Surui indigenous people are the first to have set up a REDD+ project to save the Amazon forest, lung of our planet. But this invasion undermine the REDD agreement and goes against the spirit of the COP21 agreements!

Despite our appeals for help against this mafia, the new government did not react. By its silence, it is silent accomplice of this destruction of the forest and thje endangering of our people!

We do not know what to do, Help!

As citizens, NGOs or institutions, you can help us in 4 ways :

  1. We ask you to write to the Brazilian embassies in your own countries to express your outrage and ask the new Brazilian government to intervene quickly. .
  2. We also ask you to boycott all Brazilian products as the Brazilian government does not react.
  3. We ask the different political bodies to establish an international observer mission on deforestation.
  4. Finally, on behalf of the Surui people and of all indigenous people who are trying to protect the Amazon rainforest, in the name of our struggle to preserve a future for all children of this planet at the price of our lives, in the name hope for the future, we ask you to distribute this letter to all your contacts in the world and on social networks, because today we are all connected in a common destiny.

Thanking you,

Almir Narayamoga Surui
Leader of the Paiter Surui Indigenous People

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    The International Collective in Support of Surui People was setup in response to the emergency call the Surui people. All actors mobilised very rapidly and volunteered with their networks.

    Support us by making a donation so that we can act on all fronts, media, legal and alert to the international community, but also in order to act quickly on the ground to ensure the safety of the Surui indigenous people.

    Donations are collected by the association Aquaverde for the Collective, the latter then manage their allocation.

    International Collective in Support of the Surui People

    We, members of the international collective in support of the Surui people, who set up the call to action at the request of the Surui people:

    • are aware that today we are all connected in a destiny of communities.
    • note with sadness that in the 21st century people are acting with impunity and violence on the indigenous people and the last primary forests by flouting the Constitution, Brazilian laws and human rights.
    • are extremely shocked to learn that there is no effective structures that protect these territories and the first people who inhabit them, so that the entire planet met at COP 22 with gigantic means affirming commitment to the climate. This situation directly affects the oxygen of our children.
    • demand that the Brazilian government to urgently act to enforce the law and stop this violation of the territory of the Surui indigenous people of the Amazon. The miners and déforesteurs who invaded their forest should be deported immediately.
    • ask urgent protection for people under threat from weapons, as Brazilian law requires and that measures be taken over the long term so that effective territorial protection is in place for measuring issues that this forest represents for humanity and climate. It is unacceptable that these lungs of the planet are not protected, it is even more unacceptable that these forests guards feel threatened in their existence as they fight to the cost of their lives to preserve the last ancient forests.
    • also call for the creation of a permanent international commission of observers sent to the field, to protect and sanction any violations on their territory by illégal miners and loggers.
    • finally ask that their resources are made available for them to replant the forest and live simply ensuring its protection.

    We believe that today against economic forces, emerge a new consciousness, bound by the heart, by the desire to create a united, prosperous and sustainable planet. In the name of this common destiny, on behalf of ourselves and our children that we send you this request.

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    • Boris Anderssen Comar

      This can not go on anymore for the human race, for plants and vegetation, and all insects and animals living in the forest and jungle.

    • Arnaud

      How can Brazilian government allow a small group of people tear down a unique ecosystem forest, burning its own land and threatening the future of the country without doing anything?

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